Collaborative Agenda
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Collaborative Agenda

What to talk, when to talk and how long would it take to talk about them? Now you can set the agenda collaboratively and clarify these details for everyone even before the meeting.

Let's face it; meetings are boring.

But no worries; we did the research for you and here are some reasons why.

Meeting Timeline

The whole meeting is at your fingertips with just a glance! Keep track of each and every note, document and task in detail during the meeting with easy-to-use timeline feature.

Drafts: A New Way to Prepare

Take notes and keep thoughts or a picture that inspires you on a specific issue and share them with your collegues. Keep them in the cloud, comment on them to shre ideas and prepare perfectly before the meeting.

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Meeting Timeline
Drafts: A New Way to Prepare
Embedded Tasks

Introducing: Embedded Tasks

In Metto, you can now assign the tasks right when they are being spoken. This way it is perfectly easy to follow and assign what to do by whom!

Meetings List

Meetings List: Timeless Meetings

Here in this view, you can browse all the meetings you have attended at a single simple glance to check over, dig into and skim through past events. Nothing is unforgotten, everything is present at your fingertips.

Metto - A Meeting Utopia

A collaborative, productive and fun way to have meetings coming to App Store soon.


Now, what if we say “we had the solution all along and 

finally got the chance to create it for you”?

Set New Meeting

If the plan did not wok and there is more to talk about; just set a new meeting and put everything in its right place, right away!

Personal Notes

Forget the pen and paper, at least for now. Take notes with the embedded notes feature and access easily later on.

Time Management

Keep track of the passing time, do not let any meeting take your all day with all the enthusiam you’ve got!

Other Features

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